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Are You Worried About Your Safety on the Job?

DemoDid you know that over 40% of adult mental health workers are assualted during a typical career? Violence toward mental health care workers has emerged as a leading occupational hazard. Bureau of Labor Statistics data support that health care and social services workers have a higher incidence of assault injuries than any other field.

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Learn more about SAVE Online Program

DemoThe Safety and Violence Education (SAVE) online training program teaches prevention strategies, including how to identify warning signs of impending violence, and methods for safely approaching patients in community settings. Learn more about the SAVE online training program and how you can gain essential knowledge and skills to minimize your risk of being a target of workplace violence.

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Meet Your Online SAVE Training Instructor

DemoRobert Weisman, D.O., is a forensic psychiatrist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. He is Medical Director of Strong Ties Community Support Program and Director of Clinical Care for Project Link and the New York State ACT team serving mentally disordered offenders in the community.

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